Witch Twins and Melody Malady

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Will jealousy tear the witch twins apart?

Aspiring witch Claire Bundkin has been Melody Malady’s most devoted fan ever since the singing sensation was selling Sudsy Perfect Shampoo on TV. Since then, Melody’s gotten her own show, her own recordings, and now her own movie—which is being shot on location in Claire’s hometown, Philadelphia! When Claire gets a chance to meet Melody, she just about does a flip. And when Melody offers her a part in the movie, Claire knows her life is about to change forever. Claire’s twin sister, Luna, isn’t quite as excited about Claire’s shot at the big time. It can get pretty ugly when sisters disagree, but these twins can be downright dangerous since they’re witches-in-training. If they can’t get their feelings—and their magic—under control, the Bundkin girls could conjure up some serious trouble.