Hi, Neighbor!

. . . and welcome to this sweet new font on an all-new blog of my brand-new website. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m still moving in, learning where to hang the Instagrams and what news bulletins should go next to which book.
This summer feels extra-amazing for me, and here’s why. OMG, our pop-up book festival, launches in Ohio May 16-17. My Young Adult thriller BE TRUE TO ME comes out in June. And the third book in my Oodlethunks series, WELCOME TO CAMP WOGGLE, is here in July.
When I’m not running around promoting all this activity, I’ll be giving away plenty of cool stuff to celebrate these events and book birthdays.
If you’re a school librarian or teacher, my school visit information is now available here. Feel free to be in touch directly.
Thanks for stopping in!

P.S. You can join me NEXT WEEK at OMG Ohio with 11 other authors!